252 Challenge

As we enter the outdoor season we have a series of challenges which will allow you to progress to the longer distances.

252 Award How it Works

You get 6 sighter arrows You shoot 3 dozen arrows on a 122cm face at your chosen distance.

You score the round using the 5-zone scoring method [so 9 for a gold, 7 for a red etc]

For each round that you achieve the required score or better (see Table below) you can claim a badge that you can then proudly display.

The aim of the round is to get a score of 252 or better – keep in mind that the maximum score for 36 arrows when using 5 zone scoring is 324, so achieving a score of 252 (an average of 7 per arrow) even at the shorter distances is quite a challenge.

Your chosen round can be shot at the following distances…30 yds, 40 yds, 50yds, 60 yds, 80yds & 100yds. ……commencing initially at the shortest distance that you feel comfortable with shooting.

To achieve the award, you must shoot the 252 or above 3 times on your chosen distances.

Progressing to the next longer distance after each badge has been claimed. Subject to availability, 252 Badges will be awarded at Club Meetings.

Good Luck!

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