Mounts Bay Archery Club


Our beginner’s courses are comprehensive and are delivered over six weeks

Week 1 – Introduction to archery; understanding warm up and cool down exercises, setting up equipment, getting to grips with the safety rules and key commands as well as having a go at freestyle archery.

Week 2 – Understanding the basic principles of archery and demonstration of a competition recurve bow.

Week 3 – Developing technique; warm up exercises, good posture and demonstration of a competition compound bow.

Week 4 – Developing technique; further warm up exercises and cool down exercises, understanding alignment, scoring some arrows, demonstration of a longbow.

Week 5 – Set up of a range, archery etiquette, improving skill, understanding equipment and types of bow that might be of interest in taking the sport up. Shoot half a round.

Week 6 – Mini-competition, shooting a team event with your coaches.

Please use the contact form to contact our beginner’s coordinator. Courses are held throughout the year and he’ll be able to advise when the next course is that suits your availability.

Please note after completion of the course you will be required to join Archery GB, Grand Western Archery Society (GWAS) & Devon and Cornwall Archery Society (DCAS) before you’ll be eligible to shoot whilst under club insurance. Don’t worry the club organises all of this for you at your time of joining.

You will also be able to hire equipment to assist your transition from beginner to normal shooting member.