Mounts Bay Archery Club


Our beginner’s courses are comprehensive and are delivered over six weeks

Week 1 – Introduction to archery; understanding warm up and cool down exercises, setting up equipment, getting to grips with the safety rules and key commands as well as having a go at freestyle archery.

Week 2 – Understanding the basic principles of archery and demonstration of a competition recurve bow.

Week 3 – Developing technique; warm up exercises, good posture and demonstration of a competition compound bow.

Week 4 – Developing technique; further warm up exercises and cool down exercises, understanding alignment, scoring some arrows, demonstration of a longbow.

Week 5 – Set up of a range, archery etiquette, improving skill, understanding equipment and types of bow that might be of interest in taking the sport up. Shoot half a round.

Week 6 – Mini-competition, shooting a team event with your coaches. 

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